Curse Academy announces Roster Changes: Fabbbyyy leaves and Don’tMashMe joins


Curse Academy is the latest team to undergo roster changes in the North American Challenger Scene.

Curse Academy’s toplaner posted the new lineup on twitter:

The new lineup consists of a veteran of the North American scene: Brandon “DontMashMe” Phan. The former Coast ADC has had a brief tenure in vVv Gaming Red before being recruited into the team. Phan’s inclusion into the Swarm will add valuable consitsency and experience to the team.

Their second addition is a relative newcomer to the North American competitive scene. Going by the username of “Duocet” the new midlaner had an impressive debut against C9 Tempest with LeBlanc in his first ranked 5s game with the team, managing to go ‘Legendary’ and not dying at all in that game.

Duocet has been known for being a Kayle main in Soloq.

Fabbbyyy has posted his reasons for leaving on Facebook:

Top: Rhux
Mid: Duocet
Jungle: Titours
AD: DontMashMe
Support: Sheep


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  • koolkat

    fabbbyyy goes where he pleases

  • heartsandhugs

    May miss fabby but well deserved bench IMO.. His mechanics and skills are quite bad compared to Dontmashme and other amateurs. His pool of champions that he’s good with are limited too: Vayne, draven, twitch, caitlyn, ezreal. Dontmashme has way more experience and consistency too.